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Posted By: Fox Den Store-It on Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Moving to Louisville, Kentucky - Here's What to Do

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Moving to Louisville, Kentucky — Here’s What to Do


Moving to a new area and city can be daunting. You may not know the people. You may not know the area. You also may not know where you’re going to live! Yet, you’re expected to haul your valuables over from your previous home and hope it fits in that apartment you’re staying in as a buffer. 


So, let’s start with perhaps the most pressing issue: “Where can I put my stuff?”


That’s where FoxDen comes in. We have self-storage options in Vine Grove, Kentucky, conveniently located 45 minutes southwest of the heart of Louisville. These options vary in height and depth to accommodate your wide range of storage needs. 


Whether you need storage for large items, like a boat or RV, or a place to pack your collection of brown boxes, take a look at our options and put your mind at ease regarding your stuff. 


Now that you’ve got that out of your mind, you’ve got a chance to check out what this area has to offer. Let’s break down where you have to go to get that authentic Louisville experience (and some good food along the way). 

Places to Check Out In/Near Louisville, KY

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory: You may think that this is an option only for sports lovers, but the Louisville Slugger experience is something that can intrigue people of all ages and interests. The experience is split into two sections: the museum portion and the factory portion. 


So, lovers of baseball might enjoy the museum portion a bit more, but anyone can find something interesting in the factory portion. Between baseball bat lathes and dipping barrels in various paint mixtures, it’s a fun process to view from start to finish, and everyone receives a free mini bat souvenir. 


The lumber adventure ends in a packed gift shop with plenty of full-size bats and balls for kids and adults alike. For anyone looking to learn about one of the oldest landmarks in Louisville, this is the place to go. Be sure to check out the museum website for a coupon for the tour tickets.


The Speed Art Museum: For those looking for more of an elevated art experience, the Speed Art Museum provides people with a mixture of art collections. From historic art of ancient cultures to contemporary pieces and even photography, those with various art tastes can find something that will inspire. 


Currently, the Speed Art Museum has a haunting exhibition titled “Supernatural America: The Paranormal in American Art” that concludes in early January of 2022. The museum is dedicated to providing an arena for classic and contemporary art to mesh and flow. 


Their broad collection of events can provide newcomers to the era with plenty of opportunities to meet people with familiar tastes. These events span from lectures to music and from interactive workshops to film screenings. 


The General George Patton Museum: For those more interested in the American history that this area has to offer, take the short drive over to Fort Knox and check out this unique museum dedicated to the unconventional military leader that bears its name. 


The museum boasts the largest collection of Patton artifacts and a wide range of military weaponry, vehicles, and uniforms. The museum will tell the story of Patton’s military career as well as childhood artifacts from his early life in California. 


So, familiarize yourself with the area and early 20th-century American history with a visit to the Patton Museum and maybe take a quick drive down the road to Fort Knox. There you’ll get a chance to experience one of the most secure facilities in the world. Be sure to keep your camera phone away from highly-sensitive areas. You may just have security searching through your photos.


Churchill Downs: Find your floppiest hat and grab some cash you don’t mind gambling away because Churchill Downs is a Louisville special and is home to the most exciting two minutes in sports. They are currently selling packages for the 2022 Kentucky Derby, but there are plenty of races throughout the year.


Opening in 1875, Churchill Downs offers guests a huge variety of race day packages. The track’s grandstand and clubhouse have undergone numerous renovations to accommodate more than 165,000 guests for the Kentucky Derby. 


Just be sure to check out the dress code, so you don’t end up getting denied admission. Leave your cargo shorts and tennis shoes at home. There’s a detailed list based on your location, so make sure you don’t end up stuck outside the gates. 

Restaurants to Explore In/Near Louisville, KY

The Fuelery: For those seeking a healthy option, The Fuelery delivers farm-to-table health food to leave you feeling well-nourished and recharged. With loads of five-star reviews, you’ll want to check out this quality restaurant dealing out quality ingredients. 


Wichin’ Pizza: If you’re looking for a quick carry-out option, look no further than Wichin’ Pizza that offers hot, creative pizza sandwiches. Served on their delicious, sourdough bread, each of their pizza sandwiches features fresh and tasty ingredients. I’d suggest ordering “The Bacon BBQ Chicken Pizza” and a large ‘Naner Pudding, but every option looks just as appetizing. 


Proof on Main: For more of a refined option, check out Proof on Main which combines artwork, delicious food, and polished whiskeys. If you’re up for an abnormal choice, take a run at the charred octopus — you’ll be glad you did. 


Silvio’s Italian Restaurant: Last but certainly not least, if you’re an Italian connoisseur, you have to stop by Silvio’s. Start off your night with a traditional Italian classic like Baked Ziti or Primavera, and finish off the night with some classic Cannolis. 

Go Where the City Takes You

I know what you’re thinking: “These options are all too much to choose from!” You may be right. 


This Louisville area is filled with community staples, so you might just want to take a stroll and go where you feel led to go. The city will take you to some great places. 


And again, let us know if you need any information regarding your storage needs upon your move to the area. Finding a place to store your belongings can be difficult in a larger city like Louisville. We’ve got plenty of options down the road that you can be sure are being kept safe and secure due to our 24-hour monitoring systems. Check out our storage units in Vine Grove, KY to find an option that works best for you! 


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