Posted By: Fox Den Store-It on Friday, January 1, 2016

Storage Unit Packing

Need a storage unit? At Fox Den Store-It we’ve got a number of sizes to choose from. If you’ve decided on a size, here are some packing tips – or use the packing tips to help you decide on a size! Remember, you need to leave a path to get to the back of the storage unit and piling items up to the ceiling is not a good idea – you need some air circulation. 

Practical Packing Advice

Make sure clothing, bedding, house hold fabric items, like kitchen towels, are clean before they are packed.

Don’t overpack your boxes. Put heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. For stacking purposes, it’s a good idea to only use two sizes of boxes. That will help you make optimum use of your space.

Use labels, or write on the boxes, to make sure you pack them in the unit with the label or writing visible.

Put the heavy boxed items on the bottom and the lighter boxed items on the top. Try to evenly distribute the weight to avoid crushing the boxes on the bottom.

Think ahead! If you are going to need access to some items right away (like its November – so don’t pack the Christmas decorations in the back) put them in the front of the unit.

Tallest and bulkiest items should be towards the back and against the walls.

If at all possible, elevate items off the floor with pallets.

If you are storing a mattress, its OK to store it for a SHORT time on its end. If its going to be there for a significant amount of time, store flat with nothing on top. Protect it with a cover.

Wrap mirrors, and pictures with glass, in bubble wrap and store upright along the sides of the unit. Also, wrap your breakables in bubble wrap before placing in boxes.

Disassemble weak or heavy furniture in pieces before storing.

Use sheets or fabric for covers – plastic sheets and tarps trap moisture and you’re going to get mold and mildew.

Store sofas, but NOT sofa beds, on their ends to conserve space.

Use covers on your furniture and remember, no plastic!

Store sofa beds flat with the cushions up and use covers.

Clean and drain items with water or fuel in them and store empty. That includes the icemaker in a refrigerator. Store with doors or freezer tops ajar so you aren’t trapping moisture inside.

Avoid moving into your unit during a rainstorm because of the dangers of moisture and mildew.

Avoid storing items in plastic bags.

Seal the boxes with packing tape to protect against dust and dirt.

If you have large hollow items, like a wardrobe, a refrigerator or box freezer – store a box or two inside to conserve space.

Do not store anything flammable, toxic or perishable. That includes paint thinner, fuel, lacquer or paint.

Don’t store anything that could be considered food for mice or rats – like grass or bird seed!

Keep Records

Prepare an inventory of the items you have stored with an estimated value. Take pictures or videos of the items so you have that as a record. If you have a very large unit, or more than one, you might want make a map of where items are. Fox Den Store-It has on-site management, as well as great security measures, so your items will be safe – but an inventory will help you remember what is in storage. If you need help on unit sizing or prices – give us a call.

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