Storage Unit Organization [

Posted By: Fox Den Store-It on Thursday, November 4, 2021

Storage Unit Organization: Steps to Take

Storage Unit Organization

Storage Unit Organization: Steps to Take

When you get access to a storage unit, packing it full of your various sized items may seem simple. However, after a few hours of work, you may start to see some issues arise. Wasted space and buried necessities could come back to haunt you once you get to the end of your storage unit journey. However, there are some critical storage unit organization ideas that you can (and should!) implement to get the most out of your space. Let’s take a look at some critical tips on how to organize a storage unit before you’re digging through box after box for that ugly Christmas sweater that you wear every year on Christmas Eve. 


Label Boxes and Containers

The oldest trick in the book. Make sure you clearly and specifically label your boxes. You may think that you’ll remember where everything ended up. It’s your prized possessions and family memories. You’ll remember which box that’s in, right? Wrong. You probably don’t even remember what you had for breakfast earlier this week. Be sure to label your boxes with specific important items also listed on the box. For a simple move, maybe going with “kitchen” is enough. However, “miscellaneous” could mean literally anything. How are you going to remember which “miscellaneous” box has your baseball card collection or automotive tools? Use that marker to make specific notes on important items in the box. 

Create a Master List of Boxes/Contents

One of the major keys to storage unit organization is, well, organization. Most think that labeling your boxes is enough, but how valuable is that when you’re staring at a packed storage unit. Take the box labeling to the next level with a master list of your important items and boxes. A numbering system is a good idea that can help you rank importance or accessibility factors. Numbering your boxes can also help map out a list of exactly where each item is in your unit. That way you don’t have to look for those markings throughout the unit. That brings us to the next organization idea. 

Map out Your Storage Unit 

Now, unfortunately, this is where some math may need to come in. A key to organizing your storage unit is taking a minute to step back instead of rushing into placing boxes. You don’t have to be super organized with exact dimensions unless that’s your type of thing, but you should have a good idea of where to place certain boxes and how many you can fit in various areas. For example, you could map out sections based on rooms or areas in your house. This will allow you to go directly to the section if you’re looking for a kitchen appliance or cleaning supplies. It is also key to map out a center aisle to allow you to get to the back areas of your storage unit if necessary. This will save loads of time unpacking your storage unit, then repacking whenever you need to get to an item in the back. 

Stack Boxes Smartly

Okay, you have your boxes marked, your list is created, and you’ve mapped out your strategy. Surely, you can start slinging boxes into the unit, right? Not quite. You still have to be intentional about your stacking. You want to use the height of your unit to your advantage, so you need to stack accordingly.Start with a strong base of your heaviest boxes on the bottom. This will keep your lighter boxes steady up top with a firm foundation down below. The last thing you want is to see a toppled-over pile when you open up your storage unit. So, stack well with a heavy base to prevent that. 

Create Important Ventilation

While climate-controlled storage units help with this, it is critically important to create proper air circulation. This can be done by placing pallets below your stack of boxes or leaving some space between your boxes and the storage unit walls. This will ensure that the musty smell associated with mold stays far away from your unit. There’s nothing worse than opening up your unit and getting a whiff of moldy cardboard. Plan accordingly and avoid that possibility altogether. 

Take Your Time, Save Some Headaches

Most of these rules can boil down to taking some time to plan out your storage unit organization, rather than throwing boxes down without a thought. It may seem like a lot of unnecessary steps, but I promise you that it’ll pay off in the long run. When you open up your unit looking for tax documents, you’ll be glad it’s just a 15-minute task rather than a half-day process spent at the storage unit facility. If you’re in the process of looking for quality storage near you, feel free to check out our options at Fox Den Store-It. We have a variety of unit sizes and heights to match your particular storage needs. We have a spread of storage locations throughout the midwest with 24-hour surveillance and state-of-the-art facility security. 



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