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5 Easy Hacks for Moving into a Small Space

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Whether you have just moved to a big city and are living in a studio, or are moving into a dorm room, moving into a small space can be intimidating. Staying organized is extremely important when living in a tight space. Following these five easy hacks will help make the transition to your new home go smoothly.

1. Only Take What you Need

Having too many things in your space can make it feel cluttered and overwhelming. This move is a good time to go through your belongings and donate what you don’t use. If you have items that you do not currently use, that you know you may need in the future, a storage unit may be beneficial to you. It would be handy to have a storage unit, because you can store items such as clothing for the opposite seasons, holiday decorations, bikes, outdoor furniture, etc.

2. Storage Furniture

Having furniture that doubles as storage is very useful. For instance, having an ottoman that can also store things inside, would help reduce clutter in the living room. Having a bed that has storage drawers underneath can relieve the need for a dresser, or if you are not able to purchase a new bed, you can always try to fit the dresser in the closet, and then use remaining space to hang what you need to. If you don’t have drawers under your bed, you can still take advantage of the room underneath. Purchase long under bed storage containers with wheels to store shoes, accessories, or any other item that you need to access regularly.

3. Use Wall Storage

Since you don’t have much room for furniture, using wall shelving with help keep things off the floor and organized. You can use floating wall shelving to display things such as books, decorations, cups or cookware in the kitchen, and toiletry items in the bathroom. Wall storage will keep your space clutter free and tidy without the bulkiness of furniture pieces.

4. Over the Door Hangers and Wall Hooks are Your Friends

Don’t waste space in your closet by hanging up bulky jackets or sweaters, use over the door hangers to keep things wrinkle free and neat. Use wall hooks to organize cleaning supplies such as brooms and dustpans or even your purses and bath towels. Wall hooks are cheap, and make it super easy to get things up off the floor.

5. Most Importantly, Don’t Stress!

Don’t stress out about moving into a small space. If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself, do I really need this? If you haven’t used an item in the past year, you probably don’t need it. Consider selling items for extra cash or donate your items. Once you are all settled in to your new space, you will realize that living in a small space isn’t so bad after all, and getting rid of unneeded clutter will leave you feeling refreshed! 

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