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Best Practices for Storing Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations make the season that much more magical. Some of you may even have the tree up already while some may wait a little longer. This year especially there’s no shame in wanting to make the most of your holiday decorations and cozy up your space. Though the thought of changing out decor can and how to organize your new seasonal decor can often be a stressor. Where to store it, how to store, and whether or not you plan to reuse it in the future are all things to consider. 

Find a proper home for your seasonal decorations

Decorations are tucked away for the majority of the year but yet you could still be looking at them all the time. By the end of the season, you might not even want to look at holiday items anymore, storing them away as soon and as quickly as possible. Looking into offsite options like a storage unit is a smart play if you’re renting, limited on space, or just want the things out of your home. 

Think About When You Use Certain Decorations

With limited space, this is easier said than done. It’s easy to stuff everything in one storage bin and be done with it. However, it will only cause you to spend more time when you’re looking for items the following year. Or the dreaded Christmas lights in a giant knot. This strategy puts the items you will need first, for the following year, on the bottom of your storage bins. Save yourself time and sanity by investing in separate storage bins for each group of seasonal decorations. Take this idea one step further by rotating your storage bins. Make sure you have the seasonal items you just used in the back and the ones that you will be using next in the front . Continue to do this throughout the season. Spend the time you are saving with your loved ones making your space festive. 

Keep Materials and Safety in Mind

One thing you never want to do is store real plants, flowers, trees, or wreaths that will attract unwanted pests. As pretty as real items are they are a major fire hazard in a storage unit. Drying flowers is a great alternative route that will allow you to reuse time and time again. While we’re talking about safety hazards, you should avoid storing anything directly on the floor or against a wall to protect your items from potential water damage and unwanted pests. 

Stay Organized

The most important tip is to stay organized. Walking into a clean and organized storage space will give you peace of mind.

A few recommendations:

  • Label your storage units so you know exactly what’s in them.
  • Create a walkway in your storage space for easy access and visibility.
  • Protect your ornament and glass items properly with bubble wrap.
  • Wrap your lights and protect them with newspapers. Cardboard is a great resource to use for lights to avoid tangle.
  • Save space by donating or getting rid of items you don’t plan on using again .


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