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How Long Can You Rent a Storage Unit?







How Long Can You Rent a Storage Unit?

Rental units are used for so many different purposes that the length in which they are needed is always changing. For instance, some prospective customers may just be looking for a place to store some belongings before moving into a new home. However, others may simply not have room for all of the stuff they’ve compiled over the course of their life. 


That’s why many are concerned about rental length when seeking out rental units. Let’s take a look at the top five uses for both short-term and long-term storage unit rentals as well as how Fox Den Store-It may be able to help. 

Short-Term Storage Units

For many people, storage units are seen as temporary stopgaps due to unforeseen circumstances or problems. You might not have planned for some of these uses, so a short-term storage rental might end up being exactly what you need in a bind. That’s when you reach out to Fox Den for one of their available units.


So, let’s check out the top five uses for short-term storage rentals. 


  1. Moving or Relocating - Perhaps the most common use for storage rentals, in general, is due to moving or relocating. For a new home buyer, you may be stuck living in an Airbnb or some temporary living situation prior to closing on your new house. So, you’ve got loads of furniture and clothing with nowhere to put it. That’s where a short-term storage rental works perfectly. You can keep all of your items safe and secure while not signing on for a long-term storage agreement that costs you big time. 
  2. Home Renovations - For many long-term homeowners, projects sometimes seem to sneak up on you. Whether it’s mold popping up or just bedrooms are getting remodeled, oftentimes, you’re going to need a place to put your belongings that are in the way (It’s hard to replace the carpet with your grand piano on the floor). Get one of our heated, short-term units and keep that grand piano safe and secure.
  3. Staging for Selling Your Home - While short-term storage rentals are often used by people moving into new houses, it is often used by people trying to sell their home. Your 1970’s decor might not be the kind of style needed to swing some potential buyers. A short-term storage facility can allow you to store that nostalgic bright pink couch without driving away visitors at your open house. 
  4. Traveling Abroad - Many students out of high school aren’t quite ready for the rigamarole that is college. Some choose to spend maybe a few months or even up to a year overseas to get a glimpse of other cultures. With that said, they may be looking for a place to store their stuff while they’re away. That’s why a 24-7 monitored storage facility like Fox Den is where to look. 
  5. Starting a Business - If you’re taking the unexpected leap into the world of entrepreneurship, it can be a scary time. So, saving money at every possible turn can take quite the pressure off of the stress that comes with starting up a business. Instead of renting out a large commercial space, consider some temporary storage for six months or so. Nothing wrong with saving a few bucks.

Long-Term Storage Units

While others are seeking just temporary storage help, some people have storage needs that won’t just go away after a couple of months. And that’s okay! Not everyone has the same attitude toward storage, and if you’ve got necessary items you’re wanting to protect, long-term storage is the way to go. 


Let’s take a look at the top five uses for a long-term storage unit:


  1. Seasonal Item Swaps - While some families break out some huge plastic bins labeled “Christmas” from the attic every winter, others simply don’t have the space to store seasonal items like that. Not every home has a spacious attic or basement for such things. So, we have a large number of clients that use our storage units to store items that are not in season. Pack away your lawnmower in the winter and your snowblower in July. Or, take care of those winter coats that clog up the space in your closet.
  2. Storing Business Equipment - While we mentioned starting a business as a common characteristic for short-term storage, it can be just as helpful in the long term. Some service businesses like car detailing or athletic training might just need a small area for their equipment, so a storage unit could be a permanent solution. 
  3. Storing a Car of Boat - While you may think that storing a vehicle or boat is a short-term deal, many of our customers rely on our units for long-term storage solutions. Even after a day out on the lake, their garage simply doesn’t have the room to store their vessel. So, instead of bringing it home, they just keep it shacked up in our large, warm storage units. 
  4. Storing Items of a Loved One - Losing a loved one can be a very difficult time. So, going through all of their prior belongings can seem like an emotional step that takes lots of time before you’re ready. That’s why storing their treasured belongings in a safe, secure spot is often the best choice for you. While you may not need a lot of the items in your home, simply selling them right away seems like the wrong thing to do. Simply storing them until you’re ready to let go of them is often best. 
  5. Event Storage - Our last use for a long-term storage unit is for event storage. While you may not be the “party-thrower” type, many people love to throw elaborate get-togethers for personal or business purposes. Storing all of those materials can be a pain for someone without the resources to store them at home or at their office. That’s where Fox Den Store-It comes in. 


So, there you have it. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer looking for some short-term storage, or a small business owner storing your equipment long-term, there’s always a need for secure, reliable storage. 


Looking for a place to store your prized items? Contact us over at Fox Den Store-It to see our available storage solutions. We offer a variety of storage unit sizes and heights as well as 24-hour surveillance, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your possessions


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