Posted By: Fox Den Store-It on Monday, July 30, 2018

Why Storage Units are Better than Your Basement

… or your garage… or your attic… or someone else’s basement….

It’s an item you don’t use a lot, a gift, or maybe an item of sentimental value.. It's an item you “know” you will use sometime, so you put it somewhere for the future – like the basement, the garage or the attic. Pretty soon you have a lot of those items stashed in places around the house. This works for a short time, but you will need to organize because you know more stuff is going to keep coming along. Instead of stashing, you should be storing your stuff in a better place, and that better place is Fox Den Store-It. Let us tell you a few good reasons for you to consider storing at Fox Den Store-It.

No household pests

Storage units are a lot less attractive to household pests like mice, rats, ants and roaches than an occupied home. Putting your stuff in the basement or attic means you are putting it adjacent to a food and water source. Your items can then become home to some unwanted guests. Using a storage unit makes your belongings less attractive to pests.  And remember – never store food or something that can be pest food like bird or grass seed – in a storage unit.

All the space you want

Fox Den Store-It has a large variety of unit sizes and our staff is happy to help you choose the right one. You are going to have space constraints in your own basement, attic or garage.  At Fox Den Store-It, not only can you pick the space you need, but you get less clutter at home!

Improved security

Does your home have electronic gate access? 24-hour video surveillance and motion detectors? How about a manager on duty six days a week that perform daily site inspections? At our storage facilities you get peace of mind about the security of your items.


Fox Den Store-It offers individual, secure units for their customers. Upon the rental of your unit, you will receive a sealed lock pack that includes a lock and 2 keys. Fox Den Store-It does not have a master key or spare key to your unit lock, the customer is the only one. This ensure's the customer's unit contents are safe and untouched. You will never have to wonder who has been around your items. If you have a speculation that someone might have been in your unit, Fox Den Store-It has 24/7 video monitoring.

Accidents happen

Sump pumps fail and basements flood. The window leaks just enough to grow some fascinating mold on your ski equipment. The sink leaks upstairs  and the water runs into the basement.. you will never have these issues at Fox Den Store-It.




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