Posted By: Fox Den Store-It on Sunday, December 20, 2015

5 Things You Should Never Keep In A Storage Unit

While storage units offer an effective way to store a wide variety of items, there are some things that you should never keep in your storage unit. Keep the following items out of your storage unit to keep the area safe for everyone.

Things you shouldn't keep in a self storage unit

1.  Perishable Foods

Since perishable foods spoil somewhat quickly, you should not keep them in your storage unit. When the food rots, it becomes a health concern for everyone in the building. Not only will the food create a lot of unwanted smells, it could also attract pests like cockroaches and rats.

2.  Combustible or Flammable Materials

Combustible and flammable materials have properties that make them inherently dangerous to storage buildings. If the temperature in your storage unit became unexpectedly high, then these materials could explode or catch fire. This could damage property owned by other tenants. It could also cause significant damage to the storage building.

3.  Hazardous or Toxic Materials

Hazardous and toxic materials, including biological waste, asbestos, acid, fertilizers and cleaning chemicals, pose too much risk to the storage building and other tenants. Products that contain asbestos, for instance, can cause lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  If you're not sure whether a material is considered hazardous or toxic, talk to a Fox Den Store-It manager for more information.

4.  Animals or Plants

Storage units are not fit places for animals or plants. Animals and plants need access to sunlight and fresh air that they will not get in a storage unit. Animals present an additional problem because they need a place to use the bathroom.  When animals are allowed to urinate and defecate indoors, they create health hazards for all living things around them.

5.  Anything That Contains Radioactive Material

People who are exposed to radioactive materials have a higher risk of getting cancer. If you were to keep radioactive materials in your storage unit, it could affect the health of other people who use the building. Radiation can pass through concrete and most types of metal, so you can't assume that an enclosed storage unit protects other tenants.

In addition to the items listed above, Fox Den Store-It facilities do not allow tires, paint, gas, oil, firearms or ammunition in our units.  If you're ever unsure about whether you can keep something in your unit, ask a knowledgeable Fox Den storage center employee for a list of forbidden items.

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