Posted By: Fox Den Store-It on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Getting Your Outdoor Furniture Ready for Storage

patio furniturePatio furniture is an essential part of summer. Enjoying time with family and friends, grilling out, playing cards, relaxing, and bonfires; it’s where memories are made. 

Then there comes that dreaded time every year where the weather starts to cool down. Often sooner rather than later here in the Midwest. Fast-forward to the next summer and you find yourself bringing out the patio furniture in worse condition than the last summer. And you’re thinking to yourself, “This is too much. Let’s just go get a new set.” 

The good news? With proper storage and cleaning, your patio furniture will live a long life and you’ll save yourself the headache of finding another set. There are so many steps you can take to properly lock up your outdoor furniture for the season. We’re here to share some best practices when getting your patio furniture ready for storage. 


No matter what kind of patio furniture you have, it’s important to know how to store. First things first. Take a look at all surfaces on your furniture for dirt, mud, dust, food particles, food. After all, you wouldn’t leave any of that on your indoor furniture. Avoid leaving it on your outdoor furniture. 


  • For metal furniture, give it a good scrub with some house soap.
  • For wicker, look for a cleaning product that will help kill off any mold and mildew. We recommend using an air duster for extra coverage.
  • Treat any area with signs of scratches, dings, and chipped paint. 
  • Remove fabric cushions and wash them. Make sure they are completely dry. 


You want to make sure you have the proper place to store your patio furniture. Remove any cushions and protect them by putting them in a bin tightly closed. Invest in furniture covers to keep the condition after all that cleaning. There’s plenty of options such as fitted covers or using tarps with bungee cords. 

The challenging part is finding the perfect space to keep all your pieces. Depending on the material of the piece it can simply stay put outside. Material such as plastic and aluminum are good candidates as long as they are cleaned and covered correctly. For materials like wood and wicker, it’s a bit more tricky. It’s recommended that wood and wicker remain indoors with being so susceptible to moisture. 

If your garage or in-home storage space doesn’t have room, a local storage facility is a great option. Many storage facilities offer unit sizes to fit your exact needs with sealed flooring, onsite security, and surveillance. You can even maximize the space by additional seasonal items like lawn care, bikes, and outdoor decorations. Fox Den Store-it has storage solutions located in South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Kentucky

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